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Avid vegetable eater and giraffe enthusiast; cupcaker and nanny extraordinaire. Elementary Education and Spanish UIUC College of Education Class of 2013 Teach for America Indianapolis 2013 Corps

Last, But Not Least – Wrapping Up

More than any specific strategy or practice we talked about in class this semester in “Teaching Social Studies,” I would say that what I have gotten out of this semester is the focused understanding of the importance of teaching through … Continue reading

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The four charac…

The four characteristics of humanism are curiosity, a free mind, belief in good taste, and belief in the human race. – E. M. Forster  

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Looking Back

Looking back on the progress of this blog, all several entries this semester, I am not surprised at myself.  I see that I began my first couple posts ambitiously, delving into what I think are some meaty social justice education … Continue reading

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Melancholy Peace, Subtly Beautiful Solitude

While this photo is not from our in-class field trip to Mt. Hope Cemetery, I headed back on a gorgeous day later in the week to snap some photos with my own camera. From a humanist, social perspective, no, I … Continue reading

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Vote for Somebody!

This video made my week last week!  Much like Mary Cowhey’s class was passionate about registering adults to vote in the upcoming election, this class (and many others across the country! Remember is dedicated to reminding eligible voters of … Continue reading

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Give Credit Where Due

It is becoming more apparent to me that adults have a tendency to underestimate children’s moral, intellectual, and logical capabilities.  In this week’s Black Ants reading, Mary Cowhey has demonstrated that young children – 6, 7 years old – are perfectly capable … Continue reading

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…And World Peace

Reading Black Ants & Buddhists Chapter 5 was rather touching.  I will admit that even in my 7th-grade social studies class sometimes, my students will say things along the lines of a ‘but why can’t we all just get along’ and ‘war … Continue reading

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