Melancholy Peace, Subtly Beautiful Solitude

Melancholy Peace, Subtly Beautiful Solitude

While this photo is not from our in-class field trip to Mt. Hope Cemetery, I headed back on a gorgeous day later in the week to snap some photos with my own camera. From a humanist, social perspective, no, I do not feel it is respectful to snap photos of individual gravestones, especially with names and dates visible, for one’s own pleasure or interest. I do, however, find a graveyard to be a place of solace, calm, and faith. I find the landscape incredibly moving, and the bits and pieces of nature – like this changing bush, the old mossy stones, the shadows all about – to be beautiful and reassuring. Call me strange, but I often walk or jog through cemeteries, and as I do, I think about all the people, not only buried in them, but also each of their families and friends, and all the people their lives impacted, and on and on until the whole universe is included. For me, cemeteries are not only a place to remember and honor our passed loved ones, but also a place to understand our place in the world, not just physically, but within humanity – reminiscent of our social studies global community. Aside from this, there is the obvious cultural and historical interest of cemeteries that keeps many people intrigued. I am one of them.


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