Looking Back

Looking back on the progress of this blog, all several entries this semester, I am not surprised at myself.  I see that I began my first couple posts ambitiously, delving into what I think are some meaty social justice education issues, really relating my post to the assigned readings for that week.  As the weeks progressed (and I forgot a few entries…oops), I seem to have strayed away from guided posts about the readings to inquisitive and observational posts about social studies and cultural concepts as related to my own life and the students I teach/will teach one day.  For me, this type of reflection is almost more helpful than trying to make sure what I write is indicative of my ability to read an assigned chapter or article. It places no limits on my stream of thought, and allows me to take concepts we talk about and discover in class in whatever direction is applicable to my own life, my classroom, my mood… I like this style of blog, and I may in fact continue it into next semester student teaching, and even stray away from the CI 448 component, you know? I have never kept a blog before (except for a week-long experiment into the fitness-tumblr-world), but it is an interesting way to log and articulate my thoughts, considering that others may (or may not) see it.


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Avid vegetable eater and giraffe enthusiast; cupcaker and nanny extraordinaire. Elementary Education and Spanish UIUC College of Education Class of 2013 Teach for America Indianapolis 2013 Corps
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One Response to Looking Back

  1. laurahansen2 says:


    You have done an amazing job on your blog posts. I can truly see growth in your thinking process each week. At the beginning of the semester you mainly focused on the readings that were required for class. I can tell you carefully thought about the readings and made valuable notes of important information. While your first posts focused on your appriciation for Ms. Cowhey’s philosophy of teaching, as the semester progressed your thought process changed to how you can apply what you are reading towards your future classroom. In your ”…And World Peace” blog post you even began connecting your readings towards what you have noticed in your experiences in your placement. Your posts throughout the semester have dove deeper into the meat of social issues. I can tell that you began to be more reflective on what you were reading and experiencing. You began posing reflective questions that educators need to take into consideration. I can tell through this course you have been challenged to think of ways to address controversial issues in your classroom.

    Good Job! I loved reading your blog! 🙂

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