Vote for Somebody!

This video made my week last week!  Much like Mary Cowhey’s class was passionate about registering adults to vote in the upcoming election, this class (and many others across the country! Remember is dedicated to reminding eligible voters of their rights and civic responsibilities as American citizens.  And look, videos like this go viral! Even if most of the millions of viewers are either a) already politically involved and planning on voting or b) dismissive anyway, and just think they’re funny, these kids are still reaching out to that many people, and it could potentially make a difference.  I personally find nothing more motivating than the nation’s youth (I guess maybe I chose the right career path…).


About kellinajo

Avid vegetable eater and giraffe enthusiast; cupcaker and nanny extraordinaire. Elementary Education and Spanish UIUC College of Education Class of 2013 Teach for America Indianapolis 2013 Corps
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