Give Credit Where Due

It is becoming more apparent to me that adults have a tendency to underestimate children’s moral, intellectual, and logical capabilities.  In this week’s Black Ants reading, Mary Cowhey has demonstrated that young children – 6, 7 years old – are perfectly capable of understanding and questioning complicated and taboo topics, such as slavery, racism, and morality.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, children can see the world clearly, many times more clearly than adults may be able to.  They have a pure understanding of the complexities of the world, and while they may not understand the politics or scale of major issues, they can understand the humanity (or lack thereof) of them.  Even our youngest children are capable of seeing the sense in an argument, forming an opinion, and arguing with supportive details and facts.  And more than that, Black Ants shows us that kids are capable of valuing other perspectives and really taking the time to understand where other people’s opinions come from.  That’s absolutely more than I can say for many adults.


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